The Favorite

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Anne Rose © 2014

It’s easy to feel like a second-class citizen in this world. It’s even easier to feel second-rate in a spiritual sense. Have you found this to be the case?

Just looking about, others may seem to be enjoying a most fervent relationship with the Almighty. And you may feel like Elijah, hiding in the cave, waiting for the Lord to come your way. Only in your case He never seems to show up. And of course, you’re convinced that everybody else is having mystical encounters, along with almost immediate and impressive answers to their prayers.

So how are you missing the boat? What’s the key phrase, posture or necessary sacrifice you need to do? Or is it possible that in spite of all your efforts you don’t fit into the “favorite” mold? Maybe some have it and you don’t. It’s as simple as that.

Or is it?

The truth is that you are God’s favorite. Just this once don’t deny it. Act as if you really believe it. Because everything changes when you wrap your mind and heart around this gem. Say it again and again so it sinks down to your toenails: “I am your favorite, Jesus.” No more “buts” or “what abouts.” You’re finished with all that.

And while you’re at it, get over the guilt of thinking that it’d be prideful to admit it. Because once you know how special you are, you’ll bend over backward to love God and do what He tells you. And you’ll find it easier to love those you thought were better than you.

So do yourself a favor.  Be the favorite.



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