Wasting Time With Jesus

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2014 © Anne Rose

I don’t know about you, but I have things to do that sometimes seem more important or more enjoyable than just sitting around praying. But as with anything else, I’ve found that once I get started, spending time with Jesus is a lot more rewarding than I ever expected.  Here’s what I’ve come to learn as I “waste” time with Him.

He has a personality and He’s fun.

He cares deeply about me and everything that pertains to me. This makes Him vulnerable. He hurts when I hurt.

He likes me. He thinks I’m interesting and entertaining. He likes to hear what’s going on in my life.  Sometimes I hear Him talk to me in my thoughts about what I can do with the million problems that bother me, or how I can grow up a little in my spiritual walk.

Sometimes I’m too choked up, or too tired, or too bored to talk, so we just look at each other. He doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, I think He enjoys the fact that I’m not talking His ears off. I still try to tell Him how much I love Him, though. I know He appreciates this very much, especially when I don’t feel like saying it.

Once in a while I might hear a one-liner from Him that knocks my socks off. I try to savor this pearl of wisdom. It lifts my spirit high and gives me a peaceful feeling.

Occasionally, I’m so happy to be with Him that I practically eject from my seat. That’s when I sing out loud if nobody’s listening.

We’ve gotten to be such good friends. I think He really misses me when I don’t come around. I really miss Him, too.





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