Falling in Love

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What is it about love that makes us bigger than we are?

A baby has no ego boundaries; it feels at one with its mother and the world. That’s love. We big folks, too, turn decidedly nicer when we fall in love; our ego boundaries expand and we feel as if our hearts are as big as the universe.

I don’t know about you, but I feel the same way falling in love with God. The more I try to look at Him, the more this ego of mine gets lost in His greatness. Simply put, I don’t see as much of me anymore. When this happens, I find that I have to go out and love somebody. Either that or hold back a river jumping its banks in my soul. His love feels that big to me sometimes.

This fits very nicely into the commandments of God. He gave us two, you know: Love Him and love our neighbor as ourselves. The thing I try to remember is that the first commandment is first and the second commandment is second. So if I keep them in order, things work the way they’re supposed to. If I get them mixed up, I wind up struggling and I don’t love. I just wind up trying to keep rules for the sake of keeping rules. This includes loving others because I should. I think people can tell the difference.

It helps me to look around at the saints and see what they did. Take St. Catherine of Sienna. God told her to make Him the focus of her thoughts and He would take care of her affairs better then she could. I don’t think He meant that she was the only one He would do this for. Mother Teresa is another example. She spent a lot of time hiding out with God. Finally, one day she got it. And when she did, nothing could keep her from doing the hardest thing—loving the untouchables in the world. Again, God came first; her call to others came second. When she got things in the right order, she loved them both exceedingly well.

This is why I want to keep looking at God in everything—in my breathing, thinking, moving, sleeping, and working. Because when I’m full enough, the dam breaks and out comes the supernatural overflow. I almost can’t stop myself. I have to love. Just like the baby, and the lover. Just like Catherine and Teresa.

My prayer for you and me: “God, make us fall in love with You.”


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