Your Life

What if your life as you know it stops? No birds, no trees—just measureless space. And you ask, “How did I get here?” The question seems irrelevant, since an inner voice tells you it’s the end of the road.

But where are you? Seemingly suspended, you’re like a goldfish in a bowl, floating, looking through the glass. You hear a voice call your name. The very sound of it sends chilling vibrations—stunning, stimulating and scaring all at once—that make your worse day on earth seem like a peaceful snooze in the hammock. As you look more closely, you see a face through the curvature of the bowl: kind eyes, deep blue—like the ocean. Then, all too quickly, you see your life, unfolding frame by frame. You writhe and gasp. If only you could look away, but the truth is relentless. It’s a searchlight illuminating every wrong thing you’ve ever done. You want to plunge into everlasting darkness to get away. Already you are turning away, falling …

But what is this? The voice—like a soothing waterfall—gushing, singing, calling you back asks “Are you willing to turn to Me?”

Unbelievable! You almost can’t. How could you?

But the face, clearly before your eyes now, emits a light like none you’ve seen on earth.  And wonder of wonders, the eyes are misty, radiating a sadness that’s incomprehensible.

Still, you resist. “Why would he want me? I’m nothing like him. I don’t deserve it.”

The voice more tender than ever, “You have always been in my heart.”

You stop, consider the possibility. Your life was a dead-end. There were more heartbreaks and failures than you care to admit. And now this—an offer that trumps any good thing you ever had. But can you trust him? You aren’t exactly a good judge of character; all those train-wreck relationships are proof of that. But if this is real, you’d be a fool to turn down the offer.

Suddenly, your heart leaps at the thought. “Why not? Yes!” you yell at the top of your lungs, “a thousand times yes!”

Mercy waits for you. What are you waiting for?


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