When All Seems Lost: A Letter From a Friend

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Dear Anne,

We all go through times of having a place that becomes difficult for us to navigate through. When we are emotionally fragile and hurting we are not whole. Being whole means having peace about who you are and what you are doing. It means coming to a place of peace about your past and realizing that you don’t have to live there anymore. That takes recognizing and embracing the good aspects of it and coming to terms with the troubling, disappointing or hurtful parts of it. Wholeness also means having peace about your present situation—even if you feel it is not yet good—because you trust that God will make it right. It also means having peace about your future, no matter how scary it may seem. It is trusting that because you have surrendered your life to the Lord, your future is safe in His hands.

The amount of hurt and brokenness you have experienced in your past will determine how much healing you need now in order to be whole. No matter what bad things have happened you can still be set free from negative emotions. That kind of freedom cannot be found outside of God’s love.

In order to get free of negative emotions, you have to take charge and say, “I am not going to live my life in pain and brokenness. God has given me a way out and I am going to take it. I am determined to stop all wrong thinking.” Achieving freedom from emotional pain happens as you take a step at a time with the Lord and He helps you change habits of thoughts, feelings and actions.

Make a decision to put God first in every part of your life. This means even putting Him before your feelings. Say, “Lord, I will serve You and not my emotions.” Determine to line up your thoughts and emotions with God’s Word. Say, “Lord, what You say in Your Word has a better influence in my heart than my own feelings.”

Pray about everything. Don’t entertain negative emotions as if they are old friends. They don’t have a right to be part of your life anymore. Tell the Lord about each one and ask Him to set you free.  Phil 4:6-7 says that you are to be anxious about nothing, but in everything by prayer and thanks, you are to let God know what you need. Then his peace, which is greater than anything you know, will guard your heart and mind in him. Say, “Lord, I refuse to give place to negative emotions, so I pray that You will take them away. Thank You for protecting my heart and mind, and giving me peace in the process.” I pray this process happens by your saying this from Ps 23:3: “God restores my soul and leads me along the right way.” Taking any other path in any other direction is a waste of time.

Tell him, “Lord, today I refuse all anxiety, fear, dread, anger or sadness for I know that they are not from You. By the power of Your Holy Spirit I resist the temptation to see the bad in life and I ask You to open my eyes to the good. Help me to sense Your presence at all times, no matter what is happening. My life is in Your hands and Your love sustains me. Give me a garment of praise to take away the spirit of heaviness.”

Love and prayers,



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