Jesus Tweeting … The Haven

Come to Me while the sun is still shining. The darkness grows, yet one who is with Me is surrounded by the greatest light. This happy soul becomes less and less aware of itself, so enraptured is it by My presence. It walks about in such a peaceful state that others are drawn to it. But it does not keep them for itself. It is wholly for Me, anxious to bring others into the haven of My heart.


Jesus Tweeting … The Way

No matter how much you try, you will never find the way on your own. The path is much too confusing and fraught with danger. Many times you will feel utterly lost, unable to tell where you are going … I am the way, dear children.


Jesus Tweeting … Arranging Everything

You don’t see the answer to your prayers so you panic. You think that I’m not paying attention. Little do you know that I’m quietly working in the background arranging everything for your good. If you let Me have My way, you’ll come out better than you were before and you’ll thank Me for being so generous to you.

Jesus Tweeting … The Human Heart

The human heart is treacherous and tends toward what is beneath it. That is why it finds the ill in its neighbor and feeds on it as if it were its favorite food. No matter that doing so causes it to have indigestion. The remedy is simple enough. Nourish yourself on the true bread. Nourish yourself on Me.

Jesus Tweeting … Surprise

Don’t expect Me to do things in a certain way. I love to surprise with good things, wonderful things, things that are totally undeserved. It is in this way that I show My love to a world that is grossly undeserving, even more, unappreciative of My favors. You, at least, receive My gifts with heartfelt love.