Jesus Blogging … The Way

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Lord, if you are the way, then of course we want to follow you, but there are so many voices and so many paths before us that many times we have no clue as to the way. We reach for you seemingly in the darkness as we are surrounded by so much confusion and fear. Help us, Lord. We give You our yes, feeble as it is, and ask that You not only help us, but that you carry us. We trust you with all our hearts.



Jesus Tweeting … Together

How did you start this day? Was your mind filled with worrisome thoughts? You would do much better thinking of Me the moment you open your eyes. Then we could face the day together as we conquer your fears.

Jesus Tweeting … The Lie

You sometimes act as if fear is your most trusted companion. It ravishes your heart, mind and body, yet you hold onto it, or rather, it holds onto you, until it nearly strangles you. Instinctively, you know that this is not good. Still, it has pulled off the lie that you need it. Let Me set you free.