Jesus Tweeting … Your Weakness

I understand you more than you know. Be at peace, child. I am mindful of your weakness and don’t hold that against you. I look at your heart to see if you are willing to do what I want. When I see that that is the case, I move with great compassion to make up for everything you can’t do by yourself.


Jesus Tweeting … Miracles in Your Life

If you want to see miracles in your life, you have to throw away everything in your heart you rely on. You must come to Me as a beggar with no resources of your own. Then when I see that you are sufficiently detached, I will use whatever means necessary, material and supernatural, to bring about the remedy for you.

Jesus Blogging … Miracles in Your Life

An audio version of Jesus Tweeting and a prayer:

Jesus, there have been times when I believed for a miracle and nothing happened. What’s with that? Also, what You’re saying seems to go against common sense—throwing everything away? You know I’m all about doing the responsible thing. Are you really calling me to jump out of an airplane without a parachute? And if so, You’d catch me, right?

Jesus Tweeting … Common, Lowly Acts

You might think that I have no interest in the everyday things that you do, but prefer great spiritual works instead. The truth is that I take great delight in participating in the common, lowly acts of your life when we do them together. Once you discover this, you’ll be surprised at how well things turn out. And you’ll have great joy that you did them with Me.