Jesus Blogging … Too Good To Be True

An audio version of Jesus Tweeting with prayer

If you let go and place your life in My hands, you will see that I can do exceedingly well all that you need to do. This sounds too good to be true, so you tend to disregard what I’m telling you. You want to be right in the middle of it, controlling all the details. But is it turning out very well for you? What do you have to lose by trusting Me? Miracle upon miracle awaits you. I invite you to take the first small step and I will do the rest.

You know I love you, Jesus. But sometimes what You’re saying sounds like jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge. What about all those details? Are you all over them the way I am? I can recite them in my sleep. Okay. I feel as if I’m taking a big risk, but I will take one small step. Please don’t leave me feeling as if I’m all by myself.


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