Jesus Tweeting … Trials

My child, why do you worry? Have I not taken very good care of you? Yes, I know, you wonder about all the times I’ve allowed trials to come your way. Some of these were of your own making, yet through everything I’ve brought you to a place of greater stability in Me. You can’t see what I see. Trust Me. You are making great progress in my love.


One thought on “Jesus Tweeting … Trials

  1. Please keep tweeting! I feel the presence of God, His power, through these very words that I look and meditate on, since I had come upon them yesterday. Bless you Woman of God for obeying and performing this wonderful anointed Idea! I pray that God continue to use you and inspire you with words to edify and comfort and exhort. That these very words continue to bless millions around the world as it has and still is blessing me from the city of Detroit! Bless You!

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