Jesus Blogging … Smile

An audio version of Jesus Tweeting with prayer by Anne Rose © 2015

Thanking You for the negatives I experience has changed something in me. I actually feel freer and happier. It’s like throwing a party for losing my best friend. The absurdity of it turns my pain into laughter. How do You explain that?

This is how My kingdom works. As God, I think differently than you do. When you act as if you live in heaven with Me, you automatically feel the love, joy and peace that is natural there. Keep smiling through all your trials.


Jesus Blogging … Thanks

An audio version of Jesus Tweeting with prayer by Anne Rose © 2015

Do you realize that by giving thanks you can open the heavens to countless blessings? Why spend your life looking at the negative side of things? That can be an unending source of misery for you. I’ve come to set you free from all of that. But you must cooperate with My grace. Decide that you want to live a life of joyful thanksgiving and then ask Me to help you. Even if you seem to fail, because of your good will, I will see to it that you succeed in doing what I ask.

I’m thinking that I’ll begin by thanking You for the negatives in my life. They seem to be uppermost in my mind lately. Thank you for my busted foot. Thank you that I can’t clean my house or drive my car. How’s that for a start?

Jesus Blogging … Abandoned

An audio version of Jesus Tweeting with prayer by Anne Rose © 2015

It’s easy to feel abandoned. I get it now that I’ve been parked along the side of the road. Everyone seems to be speeding along in the fast lane and here I sit.

I know this feeling well. In heaven, I was attended by myriads of angels. Very few understand how lonely I felt having to leave that place of bliss to come to earth to ransom My brothers and sisters. I was utterly ignored by the vast majority of them. This caused Me such sorrow that I cried abundant tears. But for love of souls, I disregarded the pain and continued My mission to save them.

Jesus Blogging … Empty

An audio version of Jesus Tweeting with prayer by Anne Rose © 2015

I’m running on empty. On some level, I know this is good, but my brain wants to tell me otherwise. My body, too. They argue with me about the purpose of my life. They say I have none, because I accomplish next to nothing in the broken down state I’m in.

Your purpose—what you were made for—is to rediscover your beginning in Me. From the moment you burst into existence, you knew Me. But as time went on, you forgot. Trust the process. I know what I’m doing.

Jesus Blogging … I Need You

Jesus Tweeting with a prayer by Anne Rose © 2015

Jesus, You seem distant. I need You—to see and feel You in order to overcome my attachments.

I’ve been waiting for you to ask. It’s not My way to go where I’m not wanted—even with those who call Me friend. There are always places in the heart that are closed to Me. Open wide the doors and I’ll come in. You’ll gain much more than what you think you are giving up.

Jesus Tweeting … Your Pain

Your pain is not fruitless if it is in Me. Let’s carry it together. You’ll see how light it becomes and how joyful it is to have Someone, your Creator, Who knows you inside and out, walk this sometimes tortuous path—a path He knows intimately—together with you, carrying you securely on His shoulders.

Jesus Blogging … Words

Jesus Tweeting with prayer by Anne Rose © 2015

Your words have power. You speak them, not realizing their impact—for evil or good. Creation was spoken into being. So were you. Do not tear down, dear ones. Build up. You will be surprised how everything in your life will change for the good.

I needed to hear this. Something wells up—anger, frustration, feeling sorry for myself—and off goes my mouth. Please change my heart.

Jesus Blogging … Heaven on Earth

My child, why do you get so down on yourself? I love you very much! And if the circumstances of your life seem to demonstrate otherwise, then come to My heart to discover the truth. The ways of My kingdom are entirely opposite the ways of the world. What looks like ruin on earth is seen as an opportunity of triumph in the heavenly spheres. Live heaven on earth!

If I follow my feelings, which are overwhelming right now, I think I’m the lowest of creatures with hardly the heart to look up. I need You to pull me out of this pit I’m in.