Jesus Blogging … Words

Jesus Tweeting with prayer by Anne Rose © 2015

Your words have power. You speak them, not realizing their impact—for evil or good. Creation was spoken into being. So were you. Do not tear down, dear ones. Build up. You will be surprised how everything in your life will change for the good.

I needed to hear this. Something wells up—anger, frustration, feeling sorry for myself—and off goes my mouth. Please change my heart.


3 thoughts on “Jesus Blogging … Words

      • That doesn’t make sense. If you believe he is the Messenger of God , how can he be God himself?. ‘begotten’ means god had sexual intercourse to have a child. God is way above all these animal instincts. He is the creator of all his creation, He is nothing like his creation. He begets not nor is he begotten.

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