Jesus Blogging … Miracle-working Power

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It’s not that I can’t do miracles on your behalf to save you from distress. No, the real miracle is your trusting in Me, regardless of how impossible the situation appears to be. This allows Me to be God for you and to do great and wonderful things that you can hardly imagine. Release My miracle-working power. Trust.

There are certain things in my life, and You know what they are, that are so difficult to hand over. Everything about them feels like a mini death. But I want to trust You. And since You’re so good and merciful, I know that’s good enough for now.


Jesus Blogging … My Heart Aches

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My heart aches for all of My children. Regardless of their past, I want to sweep them into My everlasting arms to console them, remind them of how much I love them and bring them to a place of peace. I will readily forgive anything they have done if they ask Me. I am not a hard taskmaster. I am love. Tell them this.

I know You are all love. I feel it more every day, especially when I fall down and You’re so ready to love me even more.   

Jesus Blogging … I Love You

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I need your love. This is not just a saying of Mine. Just as you need air, I, your Jesus, need love—to give and receive. You do not understand this about Me. But it is true. I long to hear you say how much you love Me. Do you hear the birds sweetly singing? They are giving you My “I Love You.” And so it is with everything—your needs and even the superfluous—I give it all. If you want to make Me happy, love Me in return!

I love You, I love You, I love You—for the air I breathe, for every word I speak, for every step I take, even the blinks of my eyes! Does this make You happy?

Jesus Blogging … Surprised

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So you’re surprised at how I’ve been showing up in the incidents of your life—an unexpected favor, a chance meeting, timely wisdom in something you’ve read—all ordinary yet extraordinary manifestations of My love for you. Continue to put your trust in Me and you’ll see much more than this. I‘ll fill you so much that you’ll hardly be able to contain your joy.

I can hardly contain it now. First a trickle, now it’s running out all over the place. This is definitely a wonderful life I have with You.