Jesus Blogging … No Matter What

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No matter what you go through, I’m there to watch over you. No power on earth can withstand My will. When I want it, everything must obey. So why do you fear, little one, since you are so dear to My heart?

It’s so good to know You’re with me! Don’t ever let me go!

Jesus Blogging … No Matter How Bad It Looks

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I watch over you continuously. Nothing comes your way without going through the filter of My love. Once you give yourself to Me, I take responsibility to see that everything turns to good for you no matter how bad it looks at the outset.

I’ve got to tell You, a lot of this stuff I’m going through looks pretty bad. But I’ve seen You turn around some ugly situations before. I’m going to say this like I mean it, even though my brain is objecting: I trust You with all my heart and soul!

Jesus Blogging … No Time?

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No time for prayer? You’d be surprised how critically important a few minutes with Me are to the success of your day—success that is both spiritual and material. Listen to My wise words and learn how everything you see and know is completely dependent on the world you do not see. Also realize that I care for your every need because of My great love for you. Come to Me, My children, so that I can make you happy.

I know what You’re saying is true. You seem to be emptying me and I feel a great urge to be filled up again by something more substantial than what You’re taking out. You’re it for me Jesus. Nothing else even comes close.

Jesus Blogging … Come Away

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Do not become disgruntled by your life’s circumstances—poor health, lack of money and challenging relationships. If you pay attention to these things, you will miss the best that I have to give you. Don’t you see that these are little traps that keep you from entering into the new life of freedom I have for you? There is so much more, My little one. Come away from it all so that I can restore you.

I will gladly do that. Sometimes I just feel punch drunk. If it isn’t one thing it’s another coming at me so fast I want to scream. I need You, Jesus, more than ever.

Jesus Blogging … Moving Closer

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I’m getting to the place where I can’t do anything without You. I feel like a baby, watching the world swirling around, and I have absolutely no ability to help myself.

You’re moving closer to complete union with Me. There is nothing to fear, little one, for I am holding you very tightly. Things are not always what they seem. As weak as you are, you have the power of the universe within you—My power. Furthermore, I guard your heart, defending you anything that could hurt you.

Jesus Blogging … The Greatest Gift

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To live in My Will is the greatest gift I can give you. What do I mean by living in it? Simply stated, it is inviting My very essense to take up residence within you to carry out all the actions of your daily life. It is allowing the full power of My humanity and divinity to reign within you in a spectacular way. It is living in heaven while still living on earth. If you ask for this grace, your life will never be the same.

I want it.

Jesus Blogging … Something New

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I am about to do something new in your life. I am a God of surprises, always creating new ways to get your attention to make you love Me. How is it that you do not listen? Think about it, I, your Creator, beg you, a mere creature, for your love. Am I not the most humble, most gentle and generous suitor you can imagine? So I repeat with ardent pleas, give Me your love!

Jesus, You break my heart. I want to love you for everyone! If only they knew of Your longing. I’ll tell whoever will listen.

A Figment of Your Imagination

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You sometimes wonder if I’m here. Am I a figment of your imagination? You look for proof of My existence inside and outside of you. This is merely a temptation knocking at your door. To overcome it, take the plunge. Act as if your whole life is on the line and give it to Me without counting the cost. Then you will know the reality of My presence through even the driest of times.

I feel like a carved out pumpkin. Nothing seems to register. If this is what You want, I gladly donate this shell of my being to You.

Jesus Blogging … The Peacemaker

Jesus Blogging … The Peacemaker

I’m delighted when My children get along. You might shy away from associating with others who are different from you. I consider it a miracle of My love when I can give you such affection for each other that you hardly notice your differences—not that you should compromise the truth, but that you can look out for each other as your other selves. Seem impossible? You cannot do it without Me.

If I didn’t have You by my side I could never do it. I get too wrapped up in the glaring differences I see. You be the peacemaker.