Jesus Blogging … Breathe

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Dear child, breathe in My love. Don’t underestimate the power of this simple act. The breath of My Spirit brought you to life. And you can enter into Me and repeat this act over and over again to receive an immense outpouring of graces for your soul … Breathe.

It’s easy to pass over something so ordinary. Why am I so dense about these things? Much of the time I fail to see the divine opportunities that are right before my eyes. Wake me up.


Jesus Blogging … It All Comes Crashing In

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As you sit quietly in the dark night of your soul, your thoughts, feelings and the world threaten to spin out of control. Are you able to remain calm? To the extent you do, I will abide in you. And the greater My presence, the greater your peace. With My peace, you can withstand anything.

Sometimes it all comes crashing in on me. I have to hunker down, block out the overload and grab Your hand to protect myself from the onslaught.

Jesus Blogging … Help Me Hang in There

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Put all your stress and pain to good use. There are many souls who are in need of your sacrifices, not to mention the fact that you can console Me for all the affronts I receive. This is your time, dear children, where you can conquer evil with love. Make the most of it.

To fight through overwhelming pain is the dearest sacrifice I can give You. It’s easy to want to quit. You’re going to have to help me hang in there.

Jesus Blogging … If You Listen Closely

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If you listen closely, you’ll hear My voice telling you that I love you. Look around in creation and pay attention. Don’t you hear Me speaking? I put all this here for you, My children. How I wish you would hear Me!

I hear the cicadas buzzing in my backyard, and I’m picturing their vibrant symphony singing Your love to me. No sooner do I do this and my heart yearns to send this beautiful love song back to You!

Jesus Blogging … Like a Thousand Suns

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My child, you are more precious to Me than all the diamonds that could ever exist. Rough and unpolished, I keep you hidden so as to have you to Myself. You do not realize your inner beauty, for I keep this concealed. You will be amazed at the work I am doing, making you shine like a thousand suns, one more beautiful than the other, all to My glory.

I can easily see the rough and unpolished part. This becomes more apparent each day that I live, for I seem to be getting worse instead of better. Keep polishing!

Jesus Blogging … Don’t Upset Yourself

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My little one, don’t you know that I love You? What does it matter if the whole world is against you as long as you have Me? I know, this doesn’t seem to be enough. But in reality, it is. I’m more than you need. And all the little disappointments make it easier for you to see this. Don’t upset yourself. Rest confidently in Me.

Sometimes I want to crawl under a rock. Living in this world seems too hard. But if the downside is actually an upside, then I can take a few kicks in the head—as long as You are with me.

Jesus Blogging … Victorious

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Kingdoms rise and fall, wreaking havoc because of their disregard for My will. I’m patient, sometimes waiting thousands of years to see My plans come to fruition. I do this because I know that My love will be victorious in the end. Not only that, but it will make up for everything that seems to have unraveled in the meantime. Stay in My love and you will be victorious as well.

It’s easy to feel pushed around by the powers that be. I’m not as comfortable with the long view as You are. But I trust You.