Jesus Blogging … A Slingshot

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Sometimes I feel like David with a slingshot when others want me to put on all their fancy armor in order to serve You, Jesus. Is it okay for me to be so utterly simple or am I just lazy?

Listen to what’s going on in you. Are you peaceful? I can work wonders in a tranquil soul. Do not be so concerned with the means. I will take care of those. For your part, trust and love Me. That is all.


Jesus Blogging … The Wrecking Ball

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Sometimes the wrecking ball seems to demolish your life, leaving you in total shock. You wonder how any good can come out of it. But ask yourself if you have the courage to knock down those dilapidated buildings that stand in the way of the new view I want to give you. Can you trust Me to know when it’s best to tear down and start over?

So You’re saying I shouldn’t always duck the wrecking ball?

Jesus Blogging … Cold In My Love

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Your feelings are not an accurate test of your love for Me. You feel cold in your love and wonder if you have somehow drifted away. I see the desires of your heart, that to you seem too little, but to Me are a fiercely burning furnace because of your resolve to stay faithful to Me. Someday I will reveal the work I have done within you. It is important to remember that once you give your yes, the work is mine, not yours.

I’m glad to hear you say this. No matter how hard I try, I can’t stir up any loving sentiments.

Jesus Blogging … Faithful

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My dearest one, you have been faithful to Me and I will be faithful to you. All that you have asked I will do in one way or another. Do you think that I have forgotten all of your fervent requests? On the contrary, I carry everything in My heart as My dearest treasure. Never will I let you down. If there is a delay, it is for a good reason.

It does seem like I’ve been praying forever. I know You’ll come through.

Jesus Blogging … Your Happiness

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No time to pray? Does it feel like a total waste of time? Dear children, you are so immersed in the world’s toxic waste that you can hardly pull yourselves away from it. But this can be remedied. I recommend short stints until you get used to the rarefied air of My kingdom. After a while, you’ll find yourselves longing for nothing but Me. This will be your happiness.

For me, prayer is like breathing. I need it to live.

Jesus Blogging … Who You Love the Most

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Do not compare yourself to others. Not even a little. This is a dangerous trap that completely derails the plans I have for you—until you get back on track again. What do My plans for others have to do with the beautiful, unique path I have set for you? Nothing.

It really gets down to who You love the most. You know, you gave them this and this and this, so  You must like them better. I need some help with this.

Jesus Blogging … Even the Bad

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Thank Me for everything, even the bad. To your ears this might sound ridiculous, but you misunderstand My power and how it can change the most horrendous situations into good. Trust Me and you will see great and wonderful things that are beyond your comprehension.

You continually stretch my imagination the way You turn the logic of this world upside down. It takes some getting used to.

Jesus Blogging … No Problem Is Too Difficult

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No problem is too difficult for Me to solve, but you tend to look through the lens of your own limitations instead of through the infinite strength of My Will. I have all wisdom and can see the perfect answer to your difficulties if you will simply let go and allow Me to do what I do best. Don’t be like a child that kicks and screams when offered the very medicine that will cure its wound.

What are You going to do with me Lord? The child in me wants to get its way.