Jesus Blogging … Will You Come Through?

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Do you see how I take care of you? You fear, but then you manage to settle down in my love and let Me take over. All is well little one. Always.

Each new incident presents the same question: Will You come through this time? It doesn’t seem to get any easier regardless of how many times You split the Red Sea for me. But I’m saying it again: I trust You.


Jesus Blogging … Your Champion

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Don’t look around my children. It will cause you to lose hope, a much needed virtue during this time of turmoil. You must trust Me more than ever. Believe Me when I tell you that I’m more than capable of saving you. Let Me be your champion.

I believe You.

Jesus Blogging … This Is Normal

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Don’t be surprised by my closeness with you. This is normal for one who wishes to live in my kingdom. Why would we not speak intimately with one another? Would a loving father stay distant from his child? Or a lover stay apart from his beloved? Let us go on in this way as encouragement to all of my beloved children. Let them see how much I love them.

My temptation would be to think that I’m making this up. But there have been too many confirmations, too many so-called coincidences for this to come from me. I believe that You are very real and very present—which is why I have the courage to send this out.

Jesus Blogging … My Broken Down Washing Machine

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As the light in you increases, so will the detachment from your physical surroundings be more pronounced. You will find yourself becoming more absorbed in Me and less aware of what is going on around you. Don’t let this disturb you. What you will be lacking in earthly skills I will take care of myself. Always trust Me, little one.

I’m seeing this more and more. You know how I struggled the other day to pray while my mind tried to wrap itself around the clothes in my broken down washing machine. After a while, it got easier to sit with You and forget about my dirty clothes. You must have smiled when I prayed a little prayer over the control panel and it instantly lit up.  

You first and everything else falls into place.

Jesus Blogging … What You Desire

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What do you desire? Are you interested in living a new divine life in my heart? Or are you still absorbed by the things of this world? Either way, there is no need to worry. I can do wonders with a willing heart. This is the biggest part. Once you release your will to Me you open the door for my will to work in an astounding way. Will you trust Me?

I see myself in both camps. What have I got to lose? I give you my will.

Jesus Blogging … The Circumstances of Your Life

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The circumstances of your life are not necessarily what they seem. If you are lonely, broke or sick, you may be tempted to think that these are the worst things that could happen to you. But how else will you recognize your need for Me? Without the little vexations in your life you will lack understanding about the true purpose of your existence. You will be very surprised on the other side to see the truth of what I’m saying.

The little vexations have been particularly troublesome for me lately. But I don’t like bad surprises so I’ll take your word for it that this is all for my benefit.