Jesus Blogging … Out Of Touch

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Sometimes I get after myself for becoming less aware of what’s going on around me. I wonder if I’m becoming more and more out of touch.

You’re looking at this from a purely human point of view. What I’m doing in you is more than that. It is a divine work. So instead of busying yourself so much with all that is earthly, you’re now tending more and more to me. And because of this, I’m looking after you and everything that concerns you. Isn’t this much better than constantly worrying and trying to control every aspect of your life?



Jesus Blogging … Scary Scenarios

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There are certain things that terrify me. I can’t think about them for even a second or I start to imagine all kinds of scary scenarios. I’m sorry that I don’t have more trust that You can take care of these situations.

I understand your weakness; I don’t condemn you for it. But this is where you have to go against your feelings. Stand firm. Refuse to give life to your very active imagination. Keep saying how much you trust Me. Before long you’ll realize that what you’re saying is true.

Jesus Blogging … You Would Be Amazed

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Lord, I’m sitting quietly here in church. Nothing seems to be happening. But I know it is. I know You’re here. I just can’t see You.

Oh, if you could see you would be amazed. You are surrounded by angels and light. You are soaking in my grace. And every good you can imagine—and every good you can’t—is pressing in upon you, making you clean and strong in my love. You bring Me great joy by being here.

Jesus Blogging … Fixing Things

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I take it You don’t want me fixing things. So how do I know when I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing and when I’ve overstepped my bounds?

If you stay close to Me you’ll know. Peace comes with living in my will. When you begin working on your own, you’ll notice agitation, frustration, even anger rising up within you. These are signs that you need to retreat and rest in my heart where I can restore order to you.

Jesus Blogging … Behind the Scenes

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Oh, how you surprise me! I get a certain idea in my head about a person or a situation and You completely turn it around from what I thought. I’m beginning to realize how little I know.

I don’t give away my hand, preferring to work quietly behind the scenes where I can do the most good. What you observe and make judgments on is similar to viewing the surface of the sea—there is so much going on underneath! This is why I ask you to trust Me. If I need your help, I’ll let you know.

Jesus Blogging … A Great Grace

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Jesus, I understand what Peter meant when he said that You should leave him because of his sinfulness. My selfishness is screaming at me. How can You love me?

I see all of you all of the time. This in no way lessens my love for you. On the contrary, your misery draws Me to you most powerfully. It is a great grace for you to see what you see. My love is more appreciated when you realize that you don’t deserve it. Be at peace my child.

Jesus Blogging … Uncommon Love

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Uncommon love. Is this what you’re looking for my children—a love that’s unique, unsullied, passionate, without guile, relentless, comforting? In my heart you’ll find all of the above. Your heart was made for this kind of love. You’ll never find peace until you give up everything to find it. And I’ll never rest until I find you completely immersed in it.
Immerse me.

Jesus Blogging … Nightmarish Visions

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Do not worry. Nothing good is ever accomplished by wringing your hands and constantly reviewing the possibilities about things that are out of your control. Believe Me when I tell you that the power you think you have is illusory. This is merely a trap to keep you from Me, your true source of power and good. Discipline yourself to always turn your attention to Me regardless of the nightmarish visions that dance in your head.

Oh, what a struggle this is! The only solution I see is for me to have your mind.