Jesus Blogging … Fog Bank

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This time of year gets me down. I can’t help it. I feel like I’m heading into an enormous fog bank.  

Do not look forward in fear. All time is in my hands. Nothing can happen to you without my permission. So why do you concern yourself with things that are out of your control? As long as you stay with Me, you have nothing to worry about.


Jesus Blogging … Letdown

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So you have a feeling of letdown, which is natural. But there is more to it than that. If you unite your small pains to those I suffered, you’ll tap into a whole new dimension, that of life with Me—human and divine. Believe Me, it’s worth your effort to die these little deaths. Through them, you’ll find yourself growing more and more into my likeness. This will make you very happy.

I’m not quite to the happy stage yet. I have a hard time understanding what You’re saying, no less practicing it. So I’ll need lots of help, which I know You’ll give me because You’re so good. Thanks for taking such good care of me.

Jesus Blogging … Don’t Be Disturbed

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Don’t be disturbed by what you see happening around you. This is the beginning of a profound change, a new movement of grace that I’m bringing about in the world. Stay with Me and you’ll see the most beautiful conquests of my love. You have nothing to fear, little one.

The more I let go of having to call the shots, the more secure I feel. I actually feel happy to know that I’m nothing and that You’re all I have. I’m not letting You out of my sight.

Jesus Blogging … I Must Love

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I love the picture I see in my mind. A veil of light has come down over me. I’m little—a baby—and You’re encircling me in a glowing blanket held firmly to your chest. I’m safe—and loved more than I’ve ever been loved before … If only I could stay like this forever.

Keep this tender image in your mind. I’m all love for you. Every second of every day I do nothing but send you love. This is my preoccupation. I must love. I’m everywhere and in everything for this purpose. Will you not love Me in return?

Jesus Blogging … Afraid

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Why are you afraid? Nothing has changed. I’m still here. This is your opportunity to trust Me a little more. Let it go and I will turn it into something wonderful for you.

It’s hard to let it go. You know how I struggle with trusting You in this area. Just thinking about it makes me want to curl up and hide. But to show my good will, I’ll do my best to praise You for it instead.

Jesus Blogging … Walk In It

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Awake, dear child. I have things I want you to do. It is all prepared. You merely have to walk in it. You will feel as if you are doing nothing. But I will give you credit for everything. See how good I am to you, how tenderhearted and merciful. Now do the same for your brothers and sisters.

Sometimes what You say to me sounds contradictory: rest and then get going. If I didn’t stay close I’d totally miss it. Good thing I have You in my life!


Jesus Blogging … Watch What I Do

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Once you turn your life over to Me, I begin to delicately balance all aspects of it for you. Sometimes I run interference to free you from over commitment. Other times, I fine tune what you need to do so that you don’t go overboard and burn yourself out. Try giving over an entire day to Me and watch what I do.

Just having You in my life gives me great peace. Honestly, what would I do without You? But there are others who don’t know how wonderful You are. Will You start using me more to tell them?

Jesus Blogging … What Do You Think?

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So what do you think of my plan? Does your way seem better? Pseudo control, worry, fear, uncertainty are all part of this. Or do you want to enter into my rest where everything you do is transformed into divine acts that live forever? I’m talking about heaven beginning here and now in your soul.

I’ve lived decades doing it my way. I’m ready to kick it into high gear to make up for lost time. All for You, Jesus.