Jesus Blogging … I’m Your Savior

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Today I got a hard look at a flaw in my life. To tell You the truth, it felt like I just opened the door to a closet that was packed full of stuff I didn’t want to admit was there. And it all fell out on top of me.

I’m still here. I still love you very much. This is a grace I’ve given you. You don’t have to fix it on your own. I’m your Savior, remember?


Jesus Blogging … Under My Care

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You don’t have to worry if you rest in the bosom of my love. Every detail of your life is directly under my care. I know you have a hard time seeing this, since much of what I do is hidden from you. But trust Me, I have everything under my watchful eye. Nothing can touch you unless I see some good that will occur.

You take such good care of me. How can I help get more people under your protection?

Jesus Blogging … A Great Symbol

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Winter is a great symbol of how I work in your life. The earth—cold, dark and barren—prompts you to draw near to Me. Here you are warmed by the heat of my love, enlightened by my sublime truths and fed from my own table. It is in this way that I work my greatest prodigies in the most hopeless circumstances.

I wish that I could always remember this. Too often I stand in the cold trying to figure out how to generate my own heat.

Jesus Blogging … In The Blink of An Eye

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The sunlight is glorious this morning. I even heard a bird chirp—such a welcome change from the usual cold, dark days. Thank You for this gift!

You’re welcome, child! This is where I’m leading you. Your new home will be all light with the sound of many birds chirping—and much more! So don’t get discouraged. This life will end soon enough and in the blink of an eye you’ll find yourself with Me forever in heaven.

Jesus Blogging … Don’t Look Around

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Allow my love to soak every fiber of your being. Don’t look around at the chaos that surrounds you. This only distracts you from your mission. Fix your gaze on Me. Let Me be your source. Then you will have everything you need because all I have is yours, dear child.

You know how I get so caught up in the things around me. But aren’t You happy that I’m learning more and more to exchange my will with Yours?

Jesus Blogging … Keep Going

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Keep going along at a steady pace. You’re making great strides in your little ways. If you could see the beauty of all your small acts—how much light they produce, how much joy you bring to my heart—you would be overcome with happiness. You’re entering more and more into the life of peace I have in mind for you. Don’t give up.

I trust You even though I can’t see where I’m going from one minute to the next. Heartache, frustration and pain scream at me like spoiled kids sometimes. But I’m not listening. Something tells me You’re worth whatever it takes to see this through.

Jesus Blogging … A Greater Good

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Why are you so afraid, dear child? Haven’t I promised that I’ll be with you at all times? Regardless of what you see or hear or feel, always know the truth of what I’m saying—I never leave you! You have absolutely nothing to fear. Everything stands in rapt attention to what I command. And if I allow some trial to come your way, it’s because I have a greater good I want to give you.

Being on this side of things is harrowing at times. I no sooner get past one ordeal and another one pops up—with a different twist from the last one. I sometimes feel like I’m in the house of horrors. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to this.