Jesus Blogging … Eternity

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There is no material thing you could possess that is worth more than your soul, for it is capable of embracing eternity. If you could see it, you would realize how precious a gift it is. You would love and protect it from all that could harm it.

It’s getting too late in life not to take this seriously. Therefore, I ask for every gift You can give me … I’ve got eternity in my sights.


Jesus Blogging … Playing God

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Sometimes the stuff You put me through is exhausting. To say I don’t understand your ways is an understatement. So from now on, I’m through with playing God. You handle it.

You have more wisdom than you think as is evidenced by what you just said. Leave all to Me. I know what I’m doing.

Jesus Blogging … Living in My Will

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I feel myself learning to trust You a little more. Even in suffering, there is a definite closeness, even a joy, knowing that we are together in everything that happens to me.

This is the beatitude of living in my will. It is a whole new life I give to you and anyone else who wishes to live the life of heaven while on earth. Tell them daughter. Tell them that I am anxious to receive them into the abode of my heart.


Jesus Blogging … What’s Actually Going On

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If you could see what’s actually going on in your life! Behind the veil, I’m tinkering with your soul, coaxing it ever so gently to yield to my loving ways. When I encounter an area of stubbornness, I arrange the circumstances of your life in such a way that you are brought to a new awareness of your need for Me. When you surrender, I release more grace to confirm you in your new path of freedom.

It’s hard to imagine that all this is going on in my soul.


Jesus Blogging … The Surest Way

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Do not continually look for an escape from your problems. Although it seems as if you are accomplishing something by doing this, you are actually wasting precious time. I am a God of surprises. I will turn everything to good in a most astounding way when you least expect it, but you must forget about freeing yourself and instead give honor and praise to Me. This is the surest way to find peace and order in your life.

Some days I go in circles trying to figure things out. I waste a lot of time I know. But my confidence is great that You’ll help me because You’re drawn to the most miserable and weak souls.