Jesus Blogging … Pains of Soul and Body

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You want to run from your pains of soul and body. This is the natural human tendency. But my life is conceived in suffering. It is a source of immeasurable grace for you. Since this idea is so foreign, you must rely on my love to become convinced of this truth little by little. Oh, the light that emanates from your wounds of love. They penetrate the very heavens!

This isn’t easy to understand. But I believe it because You say it.


Jesus Blogging … A Closer Walk

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I’m going to give you a closer walk with Me. I want you to know that I’m always with you—as near as your very breath. Your weakness doesn’t matter; I will cover for you as long as you lean on Me. Peace, child. I will not leave you to yourself.

To hear You say this makes my heart sing!

Jesus Blogging… Better Friends

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Jesus, I want us to be better friends. How many times have I sought friendship in others and been disappointed because they weren’t perfect? And it’s so easy to see You as so perfect that I relate to You only as my best pair of Sunday shoes. From now on, could I also know You as my most comfortable pair of casual slip-ons?

I’ve put this desire in your heart because it’s my desire too. And since I don’t inspire vain desires, you can be assured that you will see little signs of this new closeness popping up in your life … I am very glad to be your friend!