Break A Leg

Who ever knew that one morning I’d break a leg, and wind up fixing so many broken things in my life?  See below for the rest of the story.

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Real Life

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My life is in you—living. It is real life. Yes, I am really there!—even though I seem to hide. Do not discount Me. Talk to Me about everything. Soon you will begin to realize more and more that your Creator has taken up residence in you!

I can’t wait for the day when I see you face to face!

So Many Signs

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You know I love you. You may not feel it right now but you can look around your life and see that I do. So many signs—situations that open up to your benefit, a chance call or meeting with someone, a knowledge about something when you thought all was lost. These are not mere coincidences. I am constantly moving in ways you do not immediately perceive. But someday you will see everything for what it is—my love for you!