Jesus Blogging … How Much?

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Jesus, what do You think of me? I’m an abyss of misery. I know that. And I know that You love me as you love everybody else because that’s what You do. But I want to ask particularly, the way a lover would ask her beloved, how much do You love me?

Words cannot explain how rich, how indescribable, how bigger-than-the-universe my love is for you! Let Me put it this way, I lovingly watch over you as you sleep, hardly able to contain myself in anticipation of the moment you open your eyes. I then hold my breath, hoping you will once again put your day in my hands. When you say yes, I live within you, carefully doing each act of your day with you in the most loving way. If you are heading for a pitfall, I arrange the circumstances, filling you with so much grace to help you stay away from the influence of the world. As you close your eyes to go to sleep, I carefully tuck you inside my heart and place sentinels to guard you.

In short, you have no idea how much I love you. I would rather die a thousand deaths than lose you. This is how important you are to Me.

I feel the same way about all of my children. But very few of them ever ask. Sadly, they want nothing to do with Me. Tell them what I’ve told you. Tell them how much I love them!


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