Anxious Vigils

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Jesus, sometimes I talk too much and I’m too letter- of- the- law in my approach to things. These tendencies seem almost too hard for me to overcome.

Keep your eyes on Me. That’s all that matters. I will take care of everything if you do this. Have no fear about anything. Keep progressing in my love so you will be free of these anxious vigils that undermine your confidence in Me.


A Great Blessing

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My dearest one, why do you doubt Me? The confusion, uncertainty, the undefined pain that sticks like a thorn in your heart, feelings of being lost in the fog—haven’t  you been here before? And haven’t I made all things well?

This is a time of purification. It is also a great blessing for you. Later you will understand. Yes, it will all come together. In the meantime, thank Me for this divine intervention in your life. I say it again. Thank Me!