The Whirlwind

One day I was sitting alone, working to pull out some kind of sentiment toward God. You know, trying to pray. Not the easiest thing to do when you are like a piece of bread left on the counter for the length of Advent.

So there I was, dry as toast. The entire Hallelujah Chorus could have been playing and my reaction would have been the same— comatose.

But heaven must have had a leak because, all of a sudden, I felt something!!! No kidding, my heart lit up and I was just like a moth in the wind, ready to get sucked up into the midst of some cosmic conversation. (I exaggerate here. My life is not nearly as exciting as a moth, but you get the drift.)

Anyway, I hovered in midair and paid very close attention, waiting for something to happen.  And lo and behold, just like the dew on the morning grass, there it was!

“Well, what in the world was it?” you probably want to ask.

Well, steady yourself. Take a deep breath. Exhale slowly: I could almost see Jesus talking to his Father, and his Father talking to him! I know, it was that good!

Now before you get carried away and think I’m some kind of mystic or something, let me clarify. I didn’t actually hear anything. But I was just on the edge of it, close enough to know that there was a really big wind blowing and, if I was positioned just right under the mercy spout, I might be able to catch it. And if I didn’t catch it, that would be okay too. Because to tell you the truth, I was happy as a lark just to know that it was going on—like when I was a little girl lying in bed, listening to my parents talking in the next room. I didn’t have a clue as to what they were saying, but I could tell by the sound of their voices that they loved each other, that they were working together, and that they were planning things for our little family. I loved that.

The amazing thing is that, as a mere moth listening in on Jesus and our Father, I felt the same way—comforted and loved as if I really belonged there with themAs a matter of fact, I felt so loved that I started to believe that something great might happen to me too. I thought that I might even get caught up into the glory of God, just like Elijah whirling away in his flaming chariot.

That didn’t happen, of course.

Or maybe it did. For one brief moment of time, I think I was caught up into the whirlwind. Even if it was just in my imagination.Go to this link