Jesus Blogging … Help

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Jesus, help!

You are going through a most difficult time—an interior scourging. Don’t worry, it won’t last long. In only a short time, you will find yourself in a much better place as a result of my operating on you. While it is happening, you think it will kill you. You’ll see. It will all be worth the sacrifice. It is important that you trust Me. I am more than able to sustain you in all of your trials.

Jesus Blogging … How Much?

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Jesus, what do You think of me? I’m an abyss of misery. I know that. And I know that You love me as you love everybody else because that’s what You do. But I want to ask particularly, the way a lover would ask her beloved, how much do You love me?

Words cannot explain how rich, how indescribable, how bigger-than-the-universe my love is for you! Let Me put it this way, I lovingly watch over you as you sleep, hardly able to contain myself in anticipation of the moment you open your eyes. I then hold my breath, hoping you will once again put your day in my hands. When you say yes, I live within you, carefully doing each act of your day with you in the most loving way. If you are heading for a pitfall, I arrange the circumstances, filling you with so much grace to help you stay away from the influence of the world. As you close your eyes to go to sleep, I carefully tuck you inside my heart and place sentinels to guard you.

In short, you have no idea how much I love you. I would rather die a thousand deaths than lose you. This is how important you are to Me.

I feel the same way about all of my children. But very few of them ever ask. Sadly, they want nothing to do with Me. Tell them what I’ve told you. Tell them how much I love them!

Left Alone

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My beloved children, I have not left you alone in a world of utter disaster. If you look through my eyes, you will see that things are not as they appear to be. Yes, they are indeed falling apart, but I have a plan! I am working it amidst all of the turmoil to bring you to a place of unbelievable peace. Do not believe all that you hear and see. Believe Me. Look only at Me. Trust Me.

Real Life

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My life is in you—living. It is real life. Yes, I am really there!—even though I seem to hide. Do not discount Me. Talk to Me about everything. Soon you will begin to realize more and more that your Creator has taken up residence in you!

I can’t wait for the day when I see you face to face!

So Many Signs

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You know I love you. You may not feel it right now but you can look around your life and see that I do. So many signs—situations that open up to your benefit, a chance call or meeting with someone, a knowledge about something when you thought all was lost. These are not mere coincidences. I am constantly moving in ways you do not immediately perceive. But someday you will see everything for what it is—my love for you!

Jesus Blogging … Poison

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Out of the abundance of your heart you speak and do. So what are you putting in there? Is your heart filled with poison? Watch carefully, my child, or you will find that vice has found a comfortable sofa on which to sleep. Hurry now and come to Me and I will fill you with my all-encompassing love. Then you will sleep the sleep of peace upon my chest.

Jesus Blogging … All Love

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I am all love. I send you millions of “I love you’s” throughout the day in everything that surrounds you—the food you eat, the air you breathe, the flowers, the sky, the birds. You are totally immersed in an ocean of love. Try to pay more attention so that you can return some of this love to Me.

I’ve got my eyes wide open so I don’t miss an opportunity to love You back. Thanks for loving me so much!