Jesus Tweeting … Be Patient

Be patient with your injuries and sicknesses. I’m doing a work in your soul that far surpasses any inconvenience you experience in your body. Hang on and wait for the dawn.


Jesus Tweeting … Your Pain

Your pain is not fruitless if it is in Me. Let’s carry it together. You’ll see how light it becomes and how joyful it is to have Someone, your Creator, Who knows you inside and out, walk this sometimes tortuous path—a path He knows intimately—together with you, carrying you securely on His shoulders.

Jesus Tweeting … Answers To Your Prayers

You believe that you must pray harder to twist my arm for answers to your prayers. I don’t hear you, you say. And so you become anxious. But perhaps there is good reason for the delay. Did you ever consider that I’m working to purify an area of your life and your longsuffering is bringing this about? Once accomplished, I will more than compensate your patience by a most perfect answer to your prayers.

Jesus Tweeting … Panicking

When you try to handle things on your own, many times you make a big deal out of them, panicking because you feel you cannot control them. If you immediately give these things to Me, you will be much more at peace, able to share this new life I have called you to.

Jesus Blogging … A New Way

My littlest child, don’t you feel my presence? I‘m never far from you. In fact, I’m closer than your very breath. If you agree, We can live this life together in a new way, a surprising way, so united that others will see Me when they look at you. This will truly make Me happy.