Looking For Eden

This compelling love story about a down-on-her-luck nurse will change how you view love and relationships. Find out at Amazon.com – Looking for Eden


“The first half of day thirty-three was as grueling as day one—more squeamish patients, too little time and a growing sense of disquiet after viewing a very active fetus on ultrasound. Even the weather seemed to confirm harsher realities. Little puffs of steam had formed from Sarah’s breath as she walked out the door that morning. The trees were starker with their charcoal-colored limbs, all bare with no sunlight to give them relief. The grass was matted into a dull brown. Crackly leaves rustled about by the wind lay trapped in a corner against the house.

Thankfully, reason prevailed. Sarah was working in a legally-sanctioned medical facility doing life-saving procedures she told herself. That in itself was reason to do what she was doing. Besides, the frost was beginning to melt off her eccentric boss. Demanding as he could be at times, he could be tolerated, even liked. That very morning, he had demonstrated a glimmer of genuine sensitivity, enough to reveal a beating heart behind that iron-man exterior. When asked by a young patient if anybody would ever want her again, he looked her straight in the face and said not to worry, that she was a beautiful girl.


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